Agents of Change

It takes one to know one.
We are.
Each and every one of us.
Are you?

Masqrray invites you to do a little soul searching. The only constant in the Universe is change. It comes down to this, we either participate in change; or we are swept along by it.  We, at Masqrray, have elected to be active participants and we are conducive to likeminded interests.

Agents of Change are to be found everywhere. They come in all ages, types, and genders; they permeate every conceivable spectrum of society. Sometimes, we don’t even know we are a Change Agent until a circumstance presents us with a glimpse of ourselves. Its critical then, to be open to the possibility that inherent in each of us, is an Agent of Change.  The key to a proper consideration for one’s capacity to be a Change Agent is not through any physical features but rather manifests in ourselves, through our individual thoughts and unique characteristics. Much the same as a penumbra evidences the existence of a body not yet seen, the manifestation of change agent activity verifies the presence of your unique capacity to be an Agent of Change. We welcome you to explore your identity and capacity to function as a Change Agent. We have more in common than you think!

Change Agent Activity – What Does It Do?

Change Agent activity enables people to do more, or find a new and better perspective on life. Change Agents alter human capability or organizational systems to achieve a higher degree of output or self-actualization. Sometimes a Change Agent establishes the foundation for future change and as a result achieves outcomes that were previously not attainable.

Change Agents – Why Are They Special?

Being a Change Agent is about identity and character. A Change Agent lives in the future, not the present. Regardless of what is going on today, they are possessed of a vision of what could or should be and they use that as their governing sense of action. To a certain extent, a Change Agent is dissatisfied with what they see around them, in favor of a much better vision of the future.

Change Agents are fueled by passion, and inspire passion in others, all the while always maintaining a strong ability to self-motivate. They find it within themselves to get up every day and come to work; they risk being misunderstood and misappreciated, knowing that the real validation may be far in the future and may be claimed by someone else.  Passion is critical. Without passion, it is very difficult indeed to muster up enough energy to overcome the status quo.  But most of all a Change Agent understands people.

How Do You See Yourself?

  • Are you fueled by passion?
  • Do you inspire passion in others?
  • Do you possess a strong ability to self-motivate?
  • Do you forge ahead even though you know no one else understands what’s required?
  • Do you find it within yourself to get up every day, go to work and risk being misunderstood and underappreciated?
  • Can you live with the possibility that real validation may be far in the future?
  • Can you be comfortable with the possibility that validation may be claimed by someone else?
  • Do you understand people?

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