client services

Client Services

  • Business Management Software Implementation
    1. Active Collab Task Management Implementation
    2. Customer Relation Management (CRM) Implementation
    3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation
    4. Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation
  • Long Term Business Planning and Consultation
    We provide business planning and consultations for business owners and professionals.
    1. Brick & Mortar Analysis
    2. Business Model Structuring
    3. Business Plan Structuring
    4. Industry Research
    5. Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Product Line Development
    We provide resources to new product development or existing product revisions.
    1. Product Launches
    2. Product Manufacturing
    3. Product Sourcing
  • Website Development
    We provide web development services for content only and e-store websites.
    1. E-commerce Implementation
    2. E-commerce Structuring
    3. Business Portfolio Web Development
    4. Personal/Portfolio Web Development
  • Branding
    Our branding includes Business Cards, Stationary Set, Logo Design and Impression Management.
    1. Artist Branding
    2. Personal Branding
    3. Product Branding
    4. Professional Branding
  • Business Consultation
    We provide professional consultation for your project or business development.
    1. Issues & Crisis Management
    2. Long Term – Periodic Consultation
    3. Short Term – Hourly Based Consultation
  • Content Creation and Editing
    We provide content creation and editing for website, booklets, catalogs and other marketing mediums.
    1. Article Content Development & Editing
    2. Book Content Development & Editing
    3. Biography Content Development & Editing
    4. Website Content Development & Editing
  • Networking Opportunities and Interviews
    We provide networking opportunities and functions to improve your business & social portfolio.
    1. Client Introduction
    2. Mock Interviews
    3. Networking Social – Create an Event
    4. Networking Social – Sponsor an Event
    5. Networking Social – Private Function

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