Like most anything of great value, strong relationships don’t just show up on their own. If you want to maintain a relationship, you must do something. You must do your part; take responsibility; and do the things that will build relationships for mutual benefit.

Having stronger relationships creates less stress, promotes higher productivity, improves speed and efficiency and helps everyone in almost every measurable way. For our part we apply the following concepts to produce a nurturing environment.  We apply them consistently, authentically and with sincerity.

Here’s How

We Make You A Priority: We spend time doing things with you and for you, before you even know you needed us to. That’s the whole point isn’t it? Nurture requires that we place the critical support and essentials necessary for your sustained success in the mix, seamlessly, and that we don’t miss a beat.

We Care: Our professional expertise and knowledge matter; but we keep it in perspective. If we want to nurture our relationships we have to sincerely care about people, their thoughts and feelings, and their wellbeing.

We Connect: We connect with people on things that matter to them. This starts with caring. We also make connections for people with other people. Once we know your interests and needs, we introduce you to others; connect you to resources; and to everything else that is in your best interest; and helps you.

We Trust: We look for opportunities to show we trust; knowing that people tend to live up to the trust placed in them. This builds relationships deeper, faster, and further than any every other method.

We Expect the Best: Much like trust, we expect the best of other people. People can feel it when they know you believe in them and have confidence that they can succeed. People can tell when you are being cynical or have low expectations. We truly expect the best for others, like we do in equal measure for ourselves.

We Listen: It seems so simple, yet it is the most overlooked quality. We listen because to listen to each other strengthens our relationship.

We Take The Lead: We consider this to be one of the most important elements in inherent in our concept of nurture. Relationships won`t grow unless someone takes action. We are the one to go first. We make the first move. We offer the olive branch. We make the apology. We ask the first question. You get the idea. We take the lead!

Little Things

Think back to how you met your best friend in elementary school. Maybe she pulled a chair up next to you while you were finger painting or maybe she gave you her chocolate milk in the lunchroom. That relationship started out by you being nurtured with small acts of kindness.  This is the same way that we build relationships. We nurture!

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