Masqrray is taking a hands on approach to the profound transformations which are occurring in our society. The global citizen sector is growing exponentially, it’s nothing short of a revolution! Citizens are not leaving things to others to solve, rather social entrepreneurs are creating solutions while improving their lives and the lives of others.  Masqrray is taking an active role.

Through our “Venture Program” we work to ensure that both inventive and social entrepreneurs are empowered to create and participate in the citizen sector revolution, all the while inspiring a new generation to become active participants.

We are of the opinion that we are in the midst of a unique, fundamental structural change in society. Everyone is beginning to operate with the same entrepreneurial & competitive skill that has driven business ahead over the last three centuries. People all around the world are no longer sitting passively idle; they can see that change can happen and that they have the power to make it happen.

The empowerment of the individual has started a chain reaction which is transforming and replacing the old perceptions of hopelessness. The world is acknowledging that the individual, as change agent, can identify challenges, address them, transform them, and in so doing, determine her or his own future

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