Spontaneous Interaction

Spontaneous interactions are where it’s at! Spontaneous interactions are shaped by individuals, resources, intentions and ideas in a particular setting, within a particular time. They are not static, but instead create a context which is fluid and dynamic. They become they’re own social platform from which our customers’ identities are forged.

Spontaneous interactions create salient context for the participants to perceive, detect, process and respond. This is extremely relevant because as the range of participatory activity increases, so does the meaningful opportunity to create brand value.

Collaborative By Nature

Spontaneous interactions are personal experiences by their very nature. As such, the interaction solicits collaboration between the parties, establishing and reinforcing a relationship which is social in nature. The benefits of spontaneous interactions and their resulting collaboration can be seen in the collective sharing of ideas and views in real time between the participants.

From this unique perspective, social and verbal interaction become important resources for the construction of product identity. Masqrray specializes in creating collaboration between clients and their consumers by fashioning coordinated activities in which individuals collectively participate and enjoy the rewards of a joint and shared outcome.


When we create an opportunity for spontaneous interaction, we shift the focus and create an opportunity for individuals to initiate, share, and maintain collaboration via our client’s medium. Collaboration helps to create an outcome that no single person could achieve. Collaboration facilitates cognitive development.

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