The Flash Mob Experience

The “Flash Mob Experience” causes surprise. It can cause an audience to laugh, dance, and sing along, and best of all; it creates an atmosphere of enhanced consumer arousal, connectedness and positive emotions. Even better it facilitates client-to-consumer interaction.

Flash Mob performances, especially the semi-spontaneous variety are increasingly being used to generate buzz around product and brands. Usually people keep to themselves and don’t engage with individuals they don’t know, but results take a completely different course when people are exposed to a flash mob performance. The performance can give way to “highly involved audiences” who exhibit excitement and strong emotional responses to the performance. This in turn can generate a higher level of personal arousal and change the audiences’ experience. Interaction with one another creates a higher charged emotional response and is contagious!

This high level of interaction between individuals helps companies distinguish themselves from others. It has the potential to create trust between the parties, which may result in positive feedback about the company within its core markets and a spillover into various social media platforms.

Flash Mobs can serve as an organic way to build relationships and feelings of connectedness. The unorthodox nature of the flash mob experience allows companies to stand apart from competition while capturing significant mental real estate in the mind of audiences. The experience can capture and hold attention through the element of surprise and enhance its duration by being entertaining and unique. Often the experience can turn an event into a teachable moment, especially when engaging audiences that might not ordinarily tune into a relevant social message

These flexible, creative assets can be produced all at once and then distributed across various channels. The Flash Mob Experience offers a great example of a tactic that naturally aligns with this shift, the flash mob drama is renewable and refreshes when repeated at another unique location. By its very nature, the medium is also capable of capturing the fascination of main stream media and as a result is often redistributed when caught on film. The medium can ultimately result in an experience which is viewed by millions more users. Utilized correctly, the Flash Mob Experience is wonderfully creative and effective!

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